Transform Your One Handed Backhand

With World No.5 Tommy Robredo


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What You Will Learn Inside The Full Course:

Module One

In this module Tommy will teach you the ideal backhand grip, he’ll also show you how to generate heavy topspin, how to have great balance on your backhand and how to change direction with your backhand.


Module Two

In this module Tommy will teach you how to deal with high balls, low balls and fast balls on your one-handed backhand. He’ll also teach you how to use the legs on your own backhand.

tommy robredo backhand

Module Three

In this module Tommy will teach you how to hit a deadly slice backhand, how to hit returns with your backhand and how to return kick serves using both your drive and slice backhands.

Robredo Backhand 1

Module Four

In this module we’ll break down the different grips you may want to use on your one-handed backhand. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each grip and show you how to find each grip and use it to the max.


Module Five

In this module we’ll break down the one-handed backhand into five elements. This includes the contact zone, the racket drop, the lag phase, the power position and the swingpath. We’ll show you exactly how to master each segment on your own backhand.

Robredo Winning

Module Six

In this module you’ll learn how to generate effortless power on your one-handed backhand using the main power sources. These include using the legs to the max, the swingpath, how to use your body weight to hit a heavier shot, the power position and more.

Robredo Backhand Slice

Module Seven

In this module we’ll teach you when and how to use each stance on your one hander. This includes the neutral stance, the open stance, the semi-open stance and the closed stance. We’ll also show you a few simple drills to use to help you engage the legs more.

Robredo Backhand 2


Lifetime Access To This Course

Sitting On The Fence?

If you’re serious about improving every aspect of your one-handed backhand then who better to teach you the secrets of the stroke than tennis legend Tommy Robredo? Tommy is known for his great backhand and this is the only chance you’ll get to learn from Tommy himself.
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