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What You Will Learn Inside The Full Course:

Module One

In this module you’ll learn the how to prepare for matches, how to defeat grinders, how to defeat moonballers, how to defeat serve and volley players and how to beat left-handers.

Alex Forehand Finish

Module Two

In this module you’ll learn three ways to defeat players who slice a lot (slicers) and five ways to defeat big hitters, players who generate a lot of power and hit winners or force you into making errors.

Simon Return

Module Three

In this module you’ll learn three ways to defeat net rushers, players like Tim Henman who rush the net whenever they can, how to defeat big servers and how to expose players who have a weaker side.

Alex Tactics

Module Four

In this module you’ll learn how to figure out an opponent to then build a tactic against them. This includes when you are serving, when you are returning and when in rallies. You’ll also learn how to defeat players who hit on the rise.

Simon forehand

Module Five

In this module you’ll learn how to win tiebreaks, how to win when a certain shot is not working in matches, how to turn the match around and your diet before, during and after matches.

Simon split step

Module Six

In this module you’ll learn how to hold serve against any style of opponent using serve patterns of play. This means the serve plus one. You’ll learn where to serve to set up your favorite shots and how to expose your opponents with the different patterns of play.

Alex Backhand

Module Seven

In this module we’ll show you how to perfect your own gamestyle. This means how to maximise your own game and develop weapons within it. This includes players who are net rushers, all court players, aggressive baseliners and counter-punchers.

Simon Tactics

Bonus #1 - Tactics Blueprint

Get lifetime access to our original tactics course – the Tactics Blueprint, which has helped hundreds of players around the world win more singles matches.
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Bonus #2 - Win with Ferrer

Get lifetime access to our Win with Ferrer course. David Ferrer was world number four and has defeated Nadal, Djokovic and Murray. Inside the course he’ll share his secrets to winning over 1000 matches on the ATP tour.
Normal Price – $197


Bonus #3 - Strategy with Nalbandian

Get lifetime access to our Strategy with David Nalbandian course. David is the only player ever to defeat Nadal, Federer and Djokovic in the same tournament. Our mini-tactics course with David will help you win more matches.
Normal Price – $197



Lifetime Access To Your Purchase

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